Official Bio

Paul Bohunsky is currently working as a software engineer at nolock Softwarelösungen GmbH. He finished his studies in Computer Science in November 2008 at the Vienna University of Technology. His research as well as his master thesis was focused on automated information extraction from the WWW. His interests in Computer Science are also directed towards Artificial Intelligence, Web Applications of any form and Cognitive Science.



I grew up in Vienna and attended the Amerlinggymnasium where I took my school leaving exam in June 1999. After a very enjoyable and relaxing summer, I started my alternative civilian service on October 4th.

After one year of working in a nursing home, I started studying Computer Science in contrast to a lot of other plans that I had in mind. Being a committed Quake 3 Team Fortress (Q3F) player at that time, my motivation for studying Computer Science derived from my preference for such computer games. Besides spending hours and hours in front of my computer screen, I also discovered my interest in surfing and exploring the Web for "fun" and in decomposing computers and putting them together again. Unfortunately you can't use either of these two hobbies to get a master's degree and so these hobbies are one of the reasons I needed more time than expected to finish my studies. After resigning my job as a event management assistant at the Liechtenstein Museum in June 2008 I worked very hard on finishing my masters thesis in the upcoming summer. I finally passed the last exams in October 2008 and managed to finish my thesis some days before the official end of the branch of study I followed. I got my masters degree in November 2008.

Besides writing my thesis I also started a part-time job at nolock Softwarelösungen GmbH in September 2008. Clemens Geistler, one of the CEOs, is an ex-fellow student from the Vienna University of Technology. Unfortunately he quit his studies in order to incorporate the company "nolock" together with Philipp Egger. I am proud to say that I can count my two bosses to the list of my friends as well. Perhaps this might also be the reason I enjoy my job. My current work is focused on planning, designing and implementing small to medium stand-alone software tools as well as integrating new stuff into a complex framework of existing software solutions. Since 2010 I am also specialized in access control situations and the associated challenges in this area. You can most probably meet me at all the festivals during the summer in Austria. Despite having enough challenge and fun during my workdays I am currently also experimenting with self-designed web services, mobile phone applications and social network research.